To start this hair-brained scheme is one of the Northern Quarter’s newest venues, Cottonopolis.

Situated near the recently defunct Roadhouse, Cottonopolis is a big old bastard of a bar with an open kitchen at one end and restaurant tables graduating towards a bar area for general imbibing. On tap is the usual mix of craft beer (eg Kona Big Wave) alongside the recent trend (see Albert’s Schloss) of tank beer, with the Krusovice being pitched at a sub £5 price.

The bar also offers a vast array of Japanese whiskies with price tags to match current market trends alongside a selection of very well presented snacks and mains that have an oriental persuasion.

What you’re looking at here is a venue large enough for bigger groups with food on offer for those who need it. You’d probably want to book on weekend nights or feel free to go down and shoot the shit at other times in comfortable surroundings.


Classification: Bar/restaurant

Food: Japanese

Drinks: Cocktails/craft beer/lager & spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre establishments: None

Bongo rating: 7/10