We’ve got a lot of memories here at TNQR HQ of Moho Live. We’ve seen some classic gigs there with that giant staircase in the way of more amazing moments than we’d care to admit. So when Paul’s Hair Extravaganza burnt down a couple of years back, taking Moho with it, we were pretty gutted all round.

But now there’s a new player in town. Numerous bars have opened claiming to be a dirty underground drinking den but only one has had the oversized bollocks to call itself that and Dive Bar is well and truly open for business.

Overall though the experience is mixed. On the plus side, watching football in their snug is arguably the best sporting experience in town with your own bar and super-comfy leather upholstery as far as the eye can see, whilst the best screen in the NQ does the job before your eyes.

Food (in January especially) is also great value, although the ‘mix and match’ sliders where all three have to be the same are a conundrum to say the least. Similarly there’s confusion over where to order food with waitresses telling us to order, and pay there and then at the bar whilst bar staff tell us tills can’t cope with that and we need a waitress.

Despite all that, orders are taken quickly and food is delivered more swiftly than most places, and when it arrives, it’s all super tasty and served with a smile; it’s just a shame that on such a quiet night the bar and waiting staff couldn’t be communicating better, but hey, it’s early doors.

Since opening, whether it’s been the slightly off the beaten track location or something else, the increase in Dive sandwichboards, emails and offers has been somewhat disconcerting and frustratingly, it shouldn’t need this as the place has a lot to offer. It’s a big old space with plenty of room for eating, drinking, or any other merriment you could imagine, and for sport it could go on to be unparalleled.

Hopefully this is just the start for Dive as it finds its feet alongside the NQ big guns, but for now it’s a bit of a scattergun approach to a lot of what the area already has in abundance.

Dive Bar

Classification: Bar/restaurant

Food: Mexamerican

Drinks: Cocktails/craft beer/lager & spirits

Price: ££

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Bongo rating: 6/10