Keko MokuThis tiny little tiki shack is an originator and an innovator, without which numerous other fiery dens of iniquity would not exist.

Tucked below Almost Famous and Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn, the former Rodeo is small but perfectly formed, with stools and tall tables snuggled in next to a rum-pocalypse of a bar stocked with around 50 different makes of the spirit.

A late night bar of some repute, Keko often holds rum clubs and tasting events on weekdays before partying throughout the weekend with an array of cocktail mayhem, ranging from the Daiquiri and Mai Tai all the way up to ridiculous sharing vessels full of danger and rummy fun.

If you need to take a break from the cocktails, a few beers are available (Red Stripe, Mahou etc) alongside a few shots of naughtiness; civilised wine bar this ain’t.

Their trademark tipple is the Zombie which has often been imitated but rarely bettered. Yes, it’s a bit of a show as well as a drink but the fiery lick compliments a sweet sensation perfectly. The only downside is the price which has risen quite a bit over the years, so don’t expect much change from a tenner for your undead chalice.

Some might criticise Keko Moku for being a one trick pony but given its size and its theme, it does what it does very well indeed. Tiki as fuck.

Keko Moku

Classification: Tiki Bar

Food: None

Drinks: Cocktails, lager & spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre establishments: Almost Famous (NQ and Great Northern), Home Sweet Home (NQ and Great Northern), Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn

Bongo rating: 7/10