Affleck & Brown joined the NQ ranks in February last year and has quickly become a bigger hit than its predecessor, the old Art NQ Cafe Bar…which in all honesty wasn’t that hard to do.

Last year’s refurbishment saw the interiors of this bar fall in line with the rest of the NQ with bare brick walls, leather seating, great light fittings and arguably the best bar top in the NQ.

Drinks-wise you’ll find something for everyone with lagers, sensibly priced cask ales, wine, spirits and a short cocktail list, all served quickly by welcoming staff.

At first glance this place has everything you’d look for in a bar as shown above, yet somehow it falls flat. It’s not cosy enough for a date night, the music’s too loud for a chat over a pint, and there’s not enough atmosphere to get the place going and keep you there all night. This place serves best as a spot for a quick after-work drink, or a central NQ meeting place before heading on elsewhere.

Affleck & Brown

Classification: Bar

Food: none

Drinks: Cocktails, wine, ale, lager & spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre Establishments: None

Bongo Rating: 6/10