Kosmonaut, or Kosmo is it is affectionately called here at TNQR towers has been with us a while now and was one of the early pioneers in the seemingly unstoppable push eastwards of the NQ boundaries towards Piccadilly, revitalising an old warehouse space on Tariff Street. Decoration is straight out of the NQ play-book & you can expect bare bricks, reclaimed wood & artwork from local artists. There is a little originality in the dentist/barbers chairs next to the DJ table & the more eagle-eyed of you may also recognise some retro bar accessories on the counter.

The bar is split into three parts, the main bar as you come in, the back room, and a large downstairs space where you will oft find a whiff whaff table available (although this is cleared away when it gets too busy). Each area comes complete with its own bar, and on many nights there can be a different vibe in each room, downstairs in particular usually has a different musical sound to the discs spinning upstairs. The busiest bar is usually at the front and as it is the largest it is here you will find the widest selection of drinks. Often manned by one of our favourite NQ bar tenders, Otis, (NB – we cannot guarantee this is his real name) you will find a deep selection of cocktails, spirits & craft beer (both on the taps & in the fridges) on offer here. The price brackets are in line with the competition, on the beer front the cheapest is the house branded generic lager, and then rising in line with the exclusivity of your selections.

Food-wise, I cannot say I have had the pleasure of dining here, and whilst the kitchen is unenviably close to the bathrooms I have heard no complaints around quality of the food on offer. Perusing the menu you will find the inspiration is truly international and prices are inoffensive, so there should be something on the list to please everyone, the Sunday lunch looks pretty good too so I expect we will be back in here to try it out at some point.

The crowd in here can be varied & the location makes it an ideal first or last stop on the way from/to Piccadilly Station, and so the bar can be somewhat transient at times. That said, the place is usually buzzing into the wee hours on the weekends & indeed an impromptu dance floor often springs up in front of the back patio doors, outside of which is a smoking plaza used by all the future cancer victims in the summer months. That aside, since opening, Kosmo has been a regular venue on our later night escapades in the NQ & I cannot see that changing any time soon.



Classification: Late Night Bar

Food: International

Drinks: Cocktails/craft beer/lager & spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre establishments: Ply

Bongo rating: 7/10