Walrus, found on High Street on the other side of a fish tank from its smaller brother Tusk, has been through several changes in identity over the years. These days, beside the fish tank, Walrus shares a few other features from next door too, including the copper top bar, and some of the distinctive wall murals. The walrus head mounted over the stairs is, however, all theirs!

Also like next door you will notice the distinct lack of any beer taps on the bar, which for ale drinkers like us is disappointing. On this occasion we struggled to hear the bar staff over the music, so they may have had a better selection available but the Brooklyns we got kept us happy enough although the cocktail/spirits/bottled beer drinks menu does serve to make the place appear pricey for what it is and we did not stick around for long. Despite the cocktail focus of the drinks menu, it was decidedly shorter than some of the other cocktail bars in the NQ, so you might struggle to find your favourite and if these are your preferred drink choice I’d be inclined to recommend elsewhere.

Unfortunately we didn’t eat here on this occasion, & I don’t recall seeing any food coming out of the kitchen so I cannot comment too much, however the menu looks to feature enough to keep everyone happy with pizzas & sliders the main stars.

Downstairs you’ll find two things, a second, more open bar space with booths along the walls and a dance floor space suited for the more lively among us (side note – this was roped off on the occasion of our visit) and the somewhat confusing toilets. You’ll enter into a corridor lined with doors and a mirror at the end, the doors all with a Doris logo on them; so what about the geezers? Turns out after running the gauntlet of oestrogen, the mirror is split and you can actually walk round it. I do wonder how many of the more tipsy blokes have got lost down there though.

Overall I can’t help but feel this place will have yet another facelift/refresh in the near future. It’s always struggled to find a niche and for me that hasn’t changed, I also can’t help but think everything on offer here is being done better elsewhere.


Classification: Cocktail Bar

Food: Pizza, sliders, hot bar snacks

Drinks: Cocktails/Spirits/limited beers

Price: £££

Related City Centre establishments: Tusk, Rosylee, Infamous, The Fitzgerald, Hula

Bongo rating: 5/10