We’ve been a tad quiet at NQ Review HQ recently. There’ve been medical emergencies, holidays and all manner of drama keeping us away from the reviewing game. UNTIL WE DISCOVERED THE DRAMA OF A NEW BAR THAT IS!

That’s right ladies and gents, the Northern Quarter has a new bar. It’s on Oldham Street, it’s called The Ancoats Lad and it’s an interesting little bugger of a place.

Opposite The Castle, from the outside The Lad looks pretty unassuming but upon entering it’s instantly intriguing. Almost Circus Tavern-like in its cosiness, The Lad has a small beer selection with a few tables scattered around in its front room style lounge.

On the taps are interesting takes on some NQ favourites with Dortmunder Pils front and centre. The Hop House is off on our visit (the place had only opened two days previous) but Portland Stout gave an interesting option against the Guinness and Theakston. Service from the couple of Corrie-esque barkeeps was friendly, if a little muddled, again, seemingly down to first weekend nerves, and the atmosphere was convivial if a little confused.

The bar itself is small though, and you can’t help but wonder how many will be put off by the constant squeeze. It’s certainly not weekend material but the allure of a quiet weekday pint is tempting to say the least.

Surrounded by other more traditional boozers, The Ancoats Lad certainly fits in and is friendly and something a bit different. Whether it’s one for repeat visits though, only time will tell.

The Ancoats Lad

Classification: Pub

Food: None

Drinks: Beer, ale, wine, spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre establishments: None

Bongo rating: 6/10