Ah, Mother Mac’s. We’ve got history you and I. The first time I came here, I had to prize my feet off the sticky carpet with a car jack and one of our party was molested by a terrifying old crone. ‘Proper Manchester’ I believe it’s known as.

For those unaware of this establishment’s history, Mother Mac’s has been knocking about since the late 19th Century and was the site of a horrific mass murder in 1976. Quaint, eh? Despite this, Mother Mac’s has always brought in a mix of older locals, football fans looking to watching United on the old CRT telly in the corner and the odd rock band pre-Roadhouse gig. Unfortunately for many boozers of this ilk, times have been tough and with stiff competition all around, something needed doing.

Now taken over by the landlord of nearby NQ boozer The Crown & Anchor, Mother Mac’s has had its first spruce up in a few decades. Wooden floors and modern greys replace the carpet and fag-stained walls and the beer moves slightly more upmarket (Coors Light) alongside decent ales (Timothy Taylor for £3.80) and a random £5 Sharp’s Pilsener which we haven’t seen for years.

The clientele remain mixed; a chap with no vocal chords, a couple of twentysomething guys meeting for a lunchtime pint, a few older locals and a mid-40s group of friends all swing by whilst we were there despite the pub’s backstreet location.

Has the place changed for the better then? Yes, but it couldn’t have been much worse. There’s a fine line between ‘tradition’ and ‘downright dirtiness’ and Mother Mac’s always used to fall in the latter, for which there’s no excuse in this day and age. Following its refit it’s now a decent pub; it’s nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever but it’s a nice piece of old school Manchester kept alive, and for that, we’re grateful.

Mother Mac’s

Classification: Pub

Food: Crisps and nuts

Drinks: Lager, ale, wine, spirits

Price: ££

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Bongo rating: 6/10