Another pub that we here at The NQ Review have avoided for quite some time is The Wheatsheaf. Tucked around the back of the NQ on Oak Street, the boozer has been in operation since the late 1880s and is another example of old Manchester living side by side with new.

On our last visit here a few years ago we felt it to be one of those places you get looked at on your way in if you’re not a regular and although not intimidating per se, we weren’t in a rush to return.

Going on a dark October evening however, the place has been tidied up a tad (not as much yellow on the walls nor suspicious holes in picture frames) and it’s got a decent, buzzing atmosphere.

On the wickets are a selection of guest ales such as Lakeland, nestled in with standard lagers and a decent array of crinkly crisps that we worked our way through.

As with many pubs of this ilk, there are various entertainments available including that night’s Premier League match on one of the tellyboxes as well as a pool table and darts.

The patrons on our visit ranged from regulars to NQ residents to your normal Saturday night drinking crews and although there were some, shall we say, ‘intense’ conversations taking place at the bar, the pub was largely relaxed.

Another good old school boozer kept going by a loyal clientele, The Wheatsheaf is worth hitting to escape the identikit NQ bars and to get a taste of what traditional Manchester drinking is all about.

The Wheatsheaf

Classification: Pub

Food: Crisps and nuts

Drinks: Lager, ale, wine, spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre establishments: None

Bongo rating: 6/10