We used to have a soft spot for The Green. Back in its Golftorium days it was the only modern boozer in the NQ that tickled our fancy, refusing to go down the usual hipster vibe. It was always relatively simple fare, with lagers, ciders, wines and spirits, but they showed all of the sport on giganto-screens and even let you order Domino’s in.

This was about six or seven years ago and since then, The Green‘s gone through a few changes. For one, it’s obviously renounced its Golftorium moniker and although the virtual golf is still a big sell, this is a sports watching bar first and foremost. Everything is wipe clean with a mixture of sofas and high tables positioned around a command centre of tellies and the place is one of the lighter and more spacious bars you’ll find in Manchester.

There are also now three pool tables upstairs alongside the bandits and quizzers whilst the downstairs bar remains for stags, weekends and big, late night boxing events. This place is big, and the testosterone hits you smack in the face upon entry.

Sadly the clientele is a little rough around the edges. Belching ‘lads’ (and by this we mean guys old enough to know better in too-small polo shirts who have got a rare pass out from the wife) sink pint after pint of fizzy lager whilst lower league football plays in the background. They’re joined by wannabe footballers, footy mates and a few more hipster-y sports fans but one thing’s for sure, women are conspicuous by their absence for the most part. Later on during our visit, a few ladies do trot up all dolled up to the nines and it seems odd to see them in such a male-orientated environment.

Booze wise, things are decent if not spectacular. Guinness’ delve into the lager market, Hop House retails at around the £4.30 mark, and it’s joined on the taps by more lager than you’re ever likely to see. Mahou, San Miguel, Tuborg, Brooklyn, Carlsberg and Tetley’s adorn the pumps along with Guinness and Somersby cider, whilst the fridges are stocked with bottles and shots ready for the Saturday night party crowd to hit. A food menu is brought round mid-afternoon and it’s a crowd-pleasing mix of pizza, burgers and hotdogs that’s not going to win any Michelin stars but will keep hungry sports fans from getting ruined too quickly.

The Green has a place in Manchester, and indeed in the Northern Quarter. It’s handy to have a place you can swing by and catch any sporting event you feel like, and it’s not the most expensive place out there. Unfortunately it’s not that original, and the atmosphere is annoying rather than buzzing as all manner of idiots barge their way around, ruining a decent sport-viewing experience.


The Green

Classification: Sports Bar

Drinks: Beers, Wines, Spirits, Shots

Food: Pizzas, burgers, hotdogs

Price: ££

Related City Centre Establishments: None

Bongo Rating: 5/10