Okay I admit I’ve lived in Manchester 15 years yet I’ve somehow missed out on this iconic venue for that entire time. Must be time to rectify matters.

The first thing that hits you on a Tuesday night in this place is a) it’s rammed for an early midweek night and b) they’re offering free pizza with every two boozes purchased. As offers go this is pretty impressive, and despite the taps being full of generico-lager, the band still get attention to the stage without preventing back-of-the-bar conversation.

A brilliantly acoustic’d venue at the best of times, everything feels right in Matt & Phreds despite the narrow and squashed conditions. Beer flows and quick pizza delivery ensures moods are kept high and although it’s a bit cramped and cosy, it still feels like a well-run and unique venture for the NQ.

Matt & Phreds

Classification: Jazz bar

Food: Pizza

Drinks: Cocktails, lager, wine and spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre establishments: None

Bongo rating: 6/10