A Co-op Bank leaving do location back in the day, unfortunately Bluu has been stuck in an early 2000s rut since.

Despite being an early NQ forefather, Bluu has long been the gatekeeper and stalwart of the Shudehill NQ entrance and not always in a good way. Wideboys and coke sniffers spill out ahead of us on our visit and the beer choice is horrifically steadfast and true to how it was over a decade ago.

Generic beats spill out over the PA and shirted townies thinking they’ve discovered the NQ spirit frequent the front bar (don’t go round the side, you won’t get served) and the place feels hollow and non-descript.

As a place that keeps the Printworks and pre-black cab crowd away from the rest of the NQ, Bluu works but for all other purposes it’s worth avoiding for lack of character alone.


Classification: Bar

Food: Ribs, burgers, salads

Drinks: Cocktails, lager, wine and spirits

Price: ££

Related City Centre establishments: None

Bongo rating: 3/10